Vision, Purpose and Business Idea


PION Group vision
A world where people matter - powered by tech

We believe in a future where people and organizations reach their full potential thanks to a focus on skills development and smart use of technical solutions.

The companies in the PION Group represent more than 4,000 people who in turn deliver more than 160,000 consulting hours a week. In addition to the activities conducted in the respective companies within the group, additional value will be created by collecting, structuring and analyzing the knowledge that the sphere represents. PION Group will package insights that make individual consultants, the group's own companies and client companies better equipped for development and success.

PION Group Purpose

Value proposition for employees
We give our employees the opportunity to be part of a positive social change where they contribute to both adjustment, development and growth. They become part of a professional community and receive systematic development regardless of their role.

Value proposition for customers
Unique one stop shop offer for all kinds of skills, from strategy to implementation. The consultants hired come with more than just their own competence, they bring with them collective insights from over 4,000 employees, 1,000s of clients and challenges from several markets and industries.

Value proposition for investors
A fast-growing HR group built on competence that is accelerated by technology. The company grows both organically and through acquisitions.

Value proposition for community
We increase the competitiveness of society by accelerating change, increasing and developing competence and optimizing it by matching skills with needs.

PION Group Business Idea
We bring together companies with strong human capital, as well as companies with high technical knowledge of making people's performance more effective, under the same roof. PION group brings strategy, insight and methodology to all companies in the sphere with the aim of creating strong growth for employees, companies and customers.

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