Strategy and Core Values


PION Group Strategy

PION Group's strategy is based on combining people's competence with technical solutions and strategic advice in order to create insights that accelerate the performance of individual employees, companies and customers. This is the key to rapid growth within the group.

All work within PION Group also capitalizes on the group's well-proven methodology that has built countless fast-growing businesses. The platform is based on four components - Entrepreneurship, Specialization, Sales culture and Best people.


Entrepreneurship means that each individual and group in the company owns their business and wants to grow. Everyone has a mandate to make decisions and is tasked with creating growth in every step.


Each unit should be as specialized as possible. If a specialist area develops within a unit, it is broken off and launched as its own unit or company. This can happen through, for example, different specialized brands, geographic specialization or skill-based specialization.

Sales culture

Everyone is a salesperson. One way or the other. All companies are compared with each other for a positive entrepreneurial competitive spirit. Direct sales roles that create direct financial returns always have a share of profit as an incentive.

Best people

All employees are continuously trained. This leads to great opportunities to make a career within the group. All companies are imbued with passion and action and we want each individual to become the best possible version of themselves.

PION Group Core values

Passion & Execution = put your heart in it  - and make it happen

- Passion is about my inner glow and enthusiasm.
- I act in the spirit of PION Group and trust my inner compass.
- I challenge myseIf and others to grow.
- I share knowledge and care about my colleagues, my customers and the world at large.
- I am proud of us.
- This is what takes PION Group from great to extraordinary.

- I believe that actions speak louder than words.
- I think big, start small and act now.
- I do my utmost to achieve my goals.
- I keep my promises and persist through challenges.
- My achievements tell my story.
- This is how PION Group outperforms the competition.

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