PION Group share


Poolia was introduced on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on June 23, 1999. The share capital amounts to SEK 9 427 892 distributed over 47 139 460 shares, of which 10,864,300 are series A shares and 36 275 160 are series B shares. A share of series A entitles to one vote and share of series B to 1/5 vote.

The Poolia share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Small Cap, under the designation POOL B. A stock market entry comprises 1 share and the quota value is 20 öre.

The company's largest shareholder, Danir Resources AB, holds 71.93 percent of the votes and 46.05 percent of the capital. No other shareholder has a holding that corresponds to a voting number of 10 percent or more.

List of owners, complete - POOLIA AB (PUBL) as of 2022-06-30 - The 10 largest owners

Tabellhuvud 1 Tabellhuvud 2 Tabellhuvud 3 Tabellhuvud 4
Rad 1, kolumn 1 Rad 1, kolumn 2 Rad 1, kolumn 3 Rad 1, kolumn 4
Rad 2, kolumn 1 Rad 2, kolumn 2 Rad 2, kolumn 3 Rad 2, kolumn 4
Rad 3, kolumn 1 Rad 3, kolumn 2 Rad 3, kolumn 3 Rad 3, kolumn 4
Rad 4, kolumn 1 Rad 4, kolumn 2 Rad 4, kolumn 3 Rad 4, kolumn 4

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